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When it comes to proper automotive maintenance, listening thoroughly to the customer is an essential first step. Our experience has shown that the customer generally knows their vehicle well and can prove invaluable in the long run. We additionally provide written estimates to our clients, and keep them involved throughout every step of the maintenance process. The team at Autolab Ltd. won’t hesitate to schedule a conference with automobile owners if matters prove more severe than initially presumed.
Auto Restoration Maine

On top of this client-based sensibility, we use many vendors for parts and always provide the best quality available. If you select for us to utilize cheaper second-hand parts, we’ll oblige. Autolab Ltd. has set out to streamline the maintenance process, and make your time spent at the shop as carefree as possible.

Even the most in-depth auto repair services aren't too much for our talented mechanics to take a look at. We specialize in work with classic cars and will do our best to get your vehicle in working condition once again. For maintenance work or auto restoration services, choose Autolab Ltd. of Portland, ME. We serve all of Maine!

Affordable Car Restoration & Maintenance Services for Maine

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